MWC 10 in 10 Questions

  1. What brings you to the show? How many years?
  2. Most exciting keynote? Best booth?
  3. Keeping to the leaders in our industry, living – who would you invite for dinner?
  4. Who do you benchmark yourself against individual and/or company and why
  5. What is just hype? or not as good as the buzz makes it out to be? and what is a true tech breakthrough here this year?
  6. Best Party/ Favorite MWC tradition?/ Fav Tapas Bar/ After Event Hang out spot?
  7. Of the UN Sustainability Goals that are supported by the GSMA here in MWC what is the one you are most interested in/supportive of/ relevant to your solution/technology ect.
  8. If you could tell the MNO’s one thing in order for them to make money in the future…or just continue the road to dumb pipe? What would that be/ What would you change?
  9. Would you like to collaborate with anyone to help drive change and do good using your tech/solution in the world?
  10. Mar Question? Tech Nostolgia/ Whats your favorite? what one peice of tech you can’t live with out
  11. GAME ROUND/Bonus Round
  • Good or Bad rapid fire round
    1. AI? Good or Bad?
    2. Self Driving Cars? Good or Bad
    3. Elon Musk? Good or Bad?
  • THIS OR THAT rapid fire round
    1. Metaverse or AI?
    2. Apple vs Android?
    3. Holographs or VR?
    4. flying selfie sticks vs pippa the robo-dog?